The Collective

The Collective

JWI PR is a collective of brilliant, creative and kind professionals who care about the clients as though they were immediate family. Within the collective, you’ll find JWI PR’s in-house team, Afterglow Marketing and Mixed Media Collective. Find out below how the collective feels about their clients…

“My favorite thing about working with clients is when you get to that point where they feel like family. You’ll do anything for family! And we certainly do.”

Jessica Wade Pfeffer

President & Founder, JWI PR

“My favorite thing about working with clients is when I have the chance to have in-person meetings with them. Nothing beats the power of a truly personal, face-to-face connection with clients. It’s an opportunity to build on the relationship and to dive in to the real mission or goals at hand while still having fun.”

Margie Sernik

Director of PR & Business Development, JWI PR

“My favorite thing about working with clients is doing something new & different every day. Our clients span a variety of industries, so while I may be pitching a new technology to top national press one day I’ll be making a client look their best and showing off their hard work at an evening red carpet event the next.”

Tyler Sminkey

Senior Account Executive At Large, JWI PR

“My favorite thing about working with clients is seeing the big picture for each one. That’s when the project hits the fast track and you’re on the way to making things happen.”

Juliana Gutierrez

Account Executive, JWI PR

“When during events client’s walk up and say ``you made our brand look so amazing, thank you`` and alas, that's the afterglow! The trace of brilliance and success!”

Telsys Tarallo

Owner & Director, Afterglow Marketing

We thrive on building long-term partnerships with our clients. When we are able to see a brand come to life visually and truly capture its voice through design, it reinforces our love of what we do.

Patricia Baro & Santiago Cantillo

Co-Founders & Directors, Mixed Media Collective